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Streamed Service was a Success!, March 22, 2020

Chris' streamed worship service had over 70 logins and may have had over 90 people who participated in the service.  The success of this effort can allow us to meet virtually and in spirit, for now, even if we cannot meet physically.  

Jack's message of encouragement is certainly very helpful during these times.  Please use this opportunity to continue to communicate and encourage each other as often as possible.  Lord willing, we will soon be back together.

Continue to pray that this pestilence will soon pass over!

Chris' Sermon to be Streamed, March 18, 2020

Chris will be streaming his Sunday Morning sermon via his Facebook page.

Dealing with COVID-19, March 18, 2020

From the elders:

After much prayer and biblical consideration, the church elders have decided to suspend all services and activities at the Clarendon Church of Christ, through the month of March (tentatively resuming on April 5), due to the COVID-19 (Coronavirus). After two weeks, the elders will reevaluate the situation. The elders are concerned now, and it’s time to act. They are concerned about loving their neighbor and being a good neighbor as Jesus commanded.

This is NOT a decision about our faith or trust in God. It is a decision about common sense. Trusting God and wisdom (prudence) are not mutually exclusive.

If you’ll remember in the story of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10:25-37), the priest and the Levite most likely had “religious duties” they felt obligated to do over helping their neighbor who was on the side of the road. The Good Samaritan, on the other hand, chose to love his neighbor and seek his best. We are choosing at this time to love our neighbor and seek his best. Our neighbors are those older people and others with weak immune systems that we greatly love. We can bless them by not spreading a virus.

So, here is the plan….

• No services or church activities for two weeks (through the month of March—including Mission Sunday which will be rescheduled) and then we will reevaluate.
• Chris will be live streaming his sermon each Sunday morning at 10:30 for everyone who would like to join him. Additionally, he will be using this time to make announcements and updates. We would like to encourage you to get communion supplies and take communion yourself or with your family at home. Communion bread is available if you have need.
• Facebook, email and text messaging will all be used to communicate with the church at large. Also during this time, an elder or minister will be contacting you, via text or phone call, to check on you.
• We will be checking on our elderly to see if they have any needs. We would be happy to get groceries, etc to keep them from going out and becoming exposed.
• We are praying that things will pass quickly so that we can be back together as a church family. In the meantime, via text and phone calls, check on each other. Check on your neighbors!

New Luncheon and Evening Service is a Hit, March 15, 2020

Since we have started the new luncheon that follows the morning service, we have averaged at or above 60 members staying for the luncheon and for the afternoon service.IMG_20180902_120749jpg